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The full list of services provided include:

Following receiving the clients documents in support of the debt we will commence collecting your outstanding money in full settlement or installments from the debtor.

We will attend to various searches and public information and make inquiries to locate your debtors.

We will have your process served by the Court, our process servers or by post to the debtor company.

We have access to various public information data bases to establish the legal entity, business name owners, registration of parties security and status of individuals and corporation.

We provide the full services for Litigation support in contested/ defended Court matters.

We invite the client creditor and the debtor to mediate their differences and disputes for a beneficial outcome between the parties.

We have a series of letters of demand and then we follow up your debtor by telephone contact.

We have the experience to settle with the debtor for prompt payment of your outstanding monies, settling Debt matters without going to Court.

Where necessary we have the resources to visit the debtor at his place of work or residential address in matters that require this attendance.

We will have available for filing and service on the debtor your statement of claim following your instructions.

We will have default Judgement entered by the Court to allow the Client to enforce it’s Judgement debt amount.

If the debtor continues or refuses to pay the Judgement debt we can enforce the Judgement to recovery the Judgement amount.

Debt recovery and Legal action computer software program available.

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